Често задавани въпроси

Does my dog get enough attention and is everyday care provided?

– What we offer to all the pets staying at the hotel includes: 24-hour care by specialized and trained staff, nutrition with quality granules, daily outing in the park, daily sanitation of the bedrooms and green areas, floor heating and different additional services. For the good mood of our guests we have provided a musical sound throughout the property.

Are there any restrictions on dog breeds or on the size of the pet?

– Many hotels do not accept large breeds dogs because they require more attention and care. For our part, you will not meet such a limitation. Thanks to the good conditions, the well-trained staff and the modern facilities we have, every animal, regardless of its breed, will feel good with us!

Are documents for vaccination or deworming required?

– To ensure the safe stay of all hotel guests, upon accommodation of your pet, you need to provide the following documents: dog passport, mandatory vaccines and deworming, chip, owner’s ID card.

Will my pet have a separate room?

– The animals are accommodated in a single or double room, depending on their breed and temperament. For your convenience, we offer several types of rooms with adjoining garden, air-conditioning, private accommodation of mother with small pets. Daily cleaning of the sleeping area, always fresh water and quality food, as well as transport to the park and back.

What kind of food do you have and is it possible to provide our own food?

– We feed our pets with quality granules. If their owners have a preference, they can offer their own food to suit their individual needs.

What happens if my dog gets sick during its stay at the hotel?

– The hotel works with a specialized veterinary clinic which is always available to assist if your pet is not feeling well or being sick.

What amenities do you offer for the pets?

– Dog Hotel  “Dona” offers various services and amenities that will make your pet stay as enjoyable as possible. We provide a variety of games, bathing and drying, playing with small dogs in “Park for Dogs” with supervised staff, and an individual walk to the dam. The hotel also offers specialized transport.